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Justin Watts
Sales Manager
(814) 331-3141

Justin Wattes has been in sales since 2006. He loves the ever-changing nature of the job and the challenge of never knowing what each day will bring. Justin is an outdoorsman, and can often be found four-wheeling or ATV-ing in his spare time. What he loves most about sales is the variety it offers - every day is something different.

Call Justin at (814)-331-3141

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Michael Baker
General Manager

Michael Baker has been the General Manager at Bradford Fairway Sales & Leasing for the last 12 years. In that time, he's seen the company grow from a small leasing business to one of the most successful in the area. Michael is a witty and personable guy, and he loves being able to work in a community that he grew up and lives in. When he's not working or reading, you can find him shooting pool with his buddies.

Call Michael at 814-596-3153



Mitchell Vaughn
Sales Professional - Internet/Dealer Trade Manager

Mitchell Vaughn is a car salesman, and he likes it that way. Every day is different for him, and he enjoys meeting new people. He comes from a large family in Bradford, and they are all close-knit. 

Mitchell loves spending time with his family, especially his nieces and nephews. When he's not selling cars or hanging out with his family, you can find Mitchell playing video games.

Call Mitchell at 814-688-9702

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Craig Squires
Sales Professional

Craig Squires has been selling vehicles since April 2012. He loves to go hunting, fishing, and camping with his family. His favorite pastimes include ice fishing and deer hunting. Craig is the proud father of three children.

He enjoys working at Bradford Fairway Sales & Leasing because it allows him to meet new people every day. He's a witty salesman who knows how to put customers at ease. When he's not selling cars, you can find him enjoying a good laugh with his friends and family.

Call Craig at 585-307-9256

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Andrew Petrov

Andrew Petrov has been selling vehicles since 2014, during the winter months. In 2018, he went full-time in sales and has never looked back. He loves to cook using smoking and grilling methods, and also enjoys spending time with dogs who are rescues. Andrew is an avid dog rescuer himself, and finds peace in being near the mountains. He loves the nature side of things, which is why he's so at home at Bradford Fairway Sales & Leasing. He loves meeting new people!

Call Andrew at 814-331-5530

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Dave Vinelli

Dave Vinelli has been in the car sales game since 2018, and he's loving every minute of it. He started out as Parts Manager at Bradford Dodge, but he quickly moved up to Sales Consultant in 2022. Dave is a natural salesman - he loves talking to people and helping them find the perfect vehicle for their needs.

Dave is originally from Bradford, Pennsylvania. He was born and raised in Bradford, and his family still lives there. In his spare time, Dave enjoys playing pool and being at home with his family (he has three dogs and two cats).

Call Dave at 716-948-4324



Brandon Camejo
Ford Technician

Brandon Camejo is a Ford Technician with over a year of experience. He enjoys building computers and playing video games in his spare time. Brandon loves the sense of community that he feels with other Ford salesman; they always go above and beyond to take care of their customers.

Charlie Lananger
Ford Technician

Charlie Lananger is a long-time Ford technician. He's worked at Bradford Fairway Sales & Leasing for 20 years, and he's enjoyed every minute of it. He loves bowling and hanging out with his friends, and he appreciates the hospitality of the dealership - it feels like home to him.

Pat Nugent
Chrysler Technician

Pat Nugent is the technician at Bradford Chrysler. He's been there since 2012 and has seen it all. When he's not fixing cars, he enjoys racing them on a dirt track. He loves the people and environment at Bradford and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to work.

Randy Vangord

Randy Vangord has been in the automotive industry for 10 years, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He's the technician at Bradford Fairway Sales & Leasing, and he takes pride in his work. Randy loves being outdoors and spending time in his yard. He's a part of the local community, and he takes great satisfaction in being home town.

Robert Bernhard
Service Technician

Robert Bernhard has been a technician at Bradford Fairway Sales & Leasing since September 2021. He's always been interested in cars, and he likes going to car shows and races - he's something of a car enthusiast. When Robert's not working or tinkering with cars, he enjoys reading and spending time with his family.



Ashley Harrington
Accounts Payable

Ashley Harrington is the administration assistant at Bradford Fairway Sales & Leasing. She's been with the company for two years, and in that time, she's made a lot of friends. Ashley loves watching TV - her current favorites are The Big Bang Theory, Friends, New Girl, and Modern Family. What she likes most about working at Bradford is the community feel - being around her friends makes her days a lot brighter.

Deb Costanzo

Deb Costanzo is the controller at Bradford Fairway Sales & Leasing. She's been in the car business for 31 years, and never would have thought she would love the job as much as she does. In her spare time, she enjoys going outdoors with her family - taking nice long walks with her two dogs - and spending time with her grandchildren, who are the light of her life.

Donald Johnson
Controller Assistant

Donald Johnson is the controller assistant at Bradford Fairway Sales & Leasing. He's an avid gamer, and can often be found playing video games with his friends. When he's not gaming, Donald loves going to the gym to stay in shape. He also enjoys living near the woods so that he can go hiking around the area with trails.